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Conflict Resolution Letter

Are you at your wit’s end with someone in your life? Do you have an unresolved issue with them that you KNOW you can’t talk to them about? What do you do?

Write a powerful and effective letter. It’s an excellent opportunity to communicate your feelings, send a clear and direct message, get your point across, and resolve the conflict, or just get closure. I can help you get your message across and be heard, which might mean opening the lines of communication, or in some cases, opting to close them - it's all up to you.

My ear is tuned into hearing the judgmental and loaded words in a letter that will automatically put the receiver on the defensive, rendering them unable to hear the message that is being written. If written incorrectly, the recipient will most likely counter with an attack, responding with their own set of loaded words. So that there is the best chance of resolution, it's critical to write it correctly.

Because there can be so much negative charge in verbal communications, a written communication allows you to take your pen in hand, write your letter, get your point across, and be heard without interruption, which can make the whole process easier and safer. Sometimes the only way to attempt to resolve conflict is through a letter.

Sharon is a family and marriage counselor in Santa Rosa, California and has written books on arguing and affairs in marriage.